And so it begins

The first huntsman of Spring has made its appearance in our house.

Thankfully its appearance was rather brief.


No wonder my little orange fuzz ball of death was so frisky this morning! He’s basically a house cat these days so he lives for moments like this. I’ve seen him stalk spiders for HOURS.

Mental note: add “clean whole house with lemon oil” to the to-do list ASAP (it’s a natural spider repellant) and see if we can afford to get exterminators in to bug-proof the house this year.

(Before the spider apologists chime in, I’m not arachnophobic. I just take issue with spiders as big as my hand coming into my living areas. If they want to hang out under my house or in the ceiling cavity they can go for it – and I have no problem with any spiders outdoors. Just stay away from my safe spaces and we’re good, ‘k?)


9 thoughts on “And so it begins

    1. Seriously. Us Aussies like to swagger given the slightest provocation. So many of my friends will berate me for killing huntsmen, because apparently they’re harmless and misunderstood (I don’t care. Nothing in nature should be able to run that fast up a wall). But then we’ll all start trading stories of close encounters with venomous creatures while anyone who isn’t a local looks on horrified. It’s good fun!


    1. Lucky you! They’re basically harmless but grow really big and run really fast and can scamper and jump on pretty much any surface thanks to their super-grippy feet. I’m pretty sure I had a traumatic run-in with one when I was a pre-verbal child because I get a full-on phobic reaction with them that I don’t really get with any other spider (hence why I don’t consider myself “arachnophobic” in general).


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