Yay! *does a happy dance*

Can I say again how glad I am that I stumbled by chance upon that blurb for Blogging 101? It’s really been so helpful for getting things going. I’m a teensy bit behind, since you can’t do widgets on your phone and I haven’t been able to get the laptop out, but otherwise I am still loving the experience.

I was going to come on here to post something deep and meaningful about depression but that handful of comments and views and follows I’ve received since I last checked in lifted my mood too much (don’t worry, I’m sure that post will be relevant again soon enough..). Instead of dwelling on frustrations and darkness I’m going to focus on things I actually achieved today despite that black dog’s best efforts:

– I conferred with family members to settle upon a time, date and theme for my littlest one’s upcoming birthday party.

– I washed two loads’ worth of dishes that had been piling up around the sink for the last few days.

– I hauled all the clothes and drawers out of my wardrobe to give it a good airing. I also took all the coat hangers into the backyard and hosed them down (some were looking a bit dusty) and hooked them on the clothesline to get a bit of sun AND made a first pass at culling some of my clothes.

– I managed to have three sit-down (light) meals with my kids.

– I helped the kids set up some fun crafty and sensory-play activities (including some outside) and we managed to clean up after them as we moved on to new stuff rather than just leaving mess everywhere.

– I wrote out all the overwhelm in my head this morning, made a to-do list, and was able to get back to it whenever I got distracted.

– I made DELICIOUS soup for dinner with enough for leftovers.

All this despite a little voice in my head screaming “I DON’T WANNA DO THIS! LEAVE ME ALONE! I JUST WANNA FLOP ON THE COUCH AND EAT CHIPS AND CROCHET! I. DON’T. WANNNNAAAAAA!!” non-stop through the whole day. Sure, I got cranky and yelled a few times and had to go scream in a pillow at one point and let the kids watch waaaay too much TV, and sure I ended up hitting the wine at 4.30pm instead of waiting til dinner and there’s still a mound of clothing and wire drawers littering the hallway right now, and sure I never made it to the supermarket or got out to the park or anything, but DAYUM girl! I’m actually a bit chuffed with you right now. You’re in the midst of a depressive episode and readjusting to having both kids home all day for the holidays and actively trying to make positive change at the same time. Kudos, dude.


– Reclaim desk from the little ones and set up laptop.
– Make a formal birthday invitation and send it around.
– Keep on culling clothes and putting things away in the wardrobe again.
– Catch up on Blogging 101 tasks, along with updating my own goals/tasks.
– Get to the shops and park.

That’s not too hard, right? If I could get through today in one piece, tomorrow should be a breeze.


7 thoughts on “20 Followers!

  1. Hi Meg! Thank you for another wonder piece. As always, your writing comforts the heart, nourishes the spirit, and makes me smile (I hear ya re the wine). Being part of this community is a HUGE gift to myself, as well as, idk, such a priviledge.


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  2. Great blog, very honest! I just read another blogger’s post about procrastination! Don’t do it! Get that list done and keep up the blogging. I was an “unknown” blogger, too and like you, stumbled upon the blogging 101! Congrats on the 20 and cheers to many more!


    1. Thank you! There has been a little procrastination the last two days BUT I am making sure that I am procrastinating productively. I haven’t ticked off everything on that list yet but at least I can tack a couple of different achievements on the end instead. 😀

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