Almost two weeks

….since I set this up and sadly, the blog posts don’t seem to be writing themselves. Maybe I missed something in the settings menu?

I refuse to let this blog become yet another project I’ve started then abandoned. The day after creating it I got proactive around the house and did a bunch of tasks I’ve been looking at for ages thinking “I really must do that one day,” I researched some snack options to help keep our diets a bit healthier, and I actually cooked (a freaking awesome) dinner and made use of leftovers like a responsible, organised adult.

Then a persistent cough I’ve had for weeks now suddenly got worse, and I was socially rejected by another mum at school who constantly blows hot and cold with me (which is a topic for another post – seriously, does all that bullshit high school social hierarchy stuff ever end??), and my toddler got sick, and now I’m back at square one again. If there’s one thing you can count on in life it’s that hurdles will always appear as soon as you build up any momentum with anything. I guess the trick is to get good at leaping over them – or at least be able to pick yourself up and keep running even after you face-plant into the track.

So right now, I’m dusting myself off, re-tying my laces, and having a quick drink of water before I get my pace going again. BRB


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